This is my outdoors face.

This is my outdoors face.


My name is Julian Jacob Caedmon Tracey, indie game developer in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Though I wear the mantle of indie developer (meaning that I can code, model, animate, texture, pretend to do 2d work, etc.), my real passion is in Game and Narrative Design. Also, I promise I can survive direct sunlight.

In truth, I’m a storyteller, and I believe that games are the next up and coming medium. As we get the ability to tell stories that are more and more complex and interactive, we’ll have to adapt to new forms of storytelling. But we will, and we’ll be better for it. My driving goal is to tell great stories that will catch in the minds of the player and leave them with that feeling that they got something crucial out of it.

There’s little more satisfying than getting something done, start to finish; seeing something that was once an idea bouncing around in your head become something concrete and real. At our indie startup, I’m one of our lead designers and coders. I have a large amount of experience with C#, but feel comfortable switching languages when needed.

If you want to read about my specific skills, there’s a resume page for that. If you’re here, you probably want to hear what I think my skills are. First up, I love pen and paper design. If you can simplify a game down and test the mechanics on pen and paper — or even better — make a game using pen and paper, I’m all yours. I love spreadsheets, as long as you’re not doing search queries in them… that’s what databases are for. I’m also a sucker for traditional literary conventions, but know when to break them. In other words, as a Narrative Designer, I won’t run away when you start talking tech.

As a designer, I wish I could say my taste was impeccable, but it’s really not. I have a penchant for young adult fiction and trashy fantasy novels, and I see games as the natural extension of these interests. Also, well, maybe something a little deeper.